Career and Academic Program Pathways – Fall 2011 Workstreams

The old Program Portfolio Review task force has been renamed Career and Academic Program Pathways (CAP)and our scope has been focused more on assuring the full pathway for a student towards their goals. This Fall, the CAPP task force team is focusing on five workstreams: Occupational Program Review, CCC Articulation Strategy, Adult and Vocational Education Bridges, Return on Educational Investment by program and assisting with the Implementation of Spring 2011 Recommendations.In Occupational Program Review we will continue our work reviewing programs. This Fall we hope to review Education and Training programs (including a continued review of Child Development), Transportation programs, Distribution and Logistics programs, Business programs, Healthcare Support programs, and Law and Public Safety Programs. Since these are occupational programs, our focus will be on how to help students on the path to a viable career.Articulation Strategy will be looking at different models of articulation, which models are best for each type of program, and how we can get there.Adult and Vocational Education Bridges focuses on the best models and programs for bridges to occupational credit programs for adult education students. In later semesters this workstream will be expanded for bridges to transfer programs.Return on Educational Investment seeks to understand the economic returns to the student and the City from different programs so that we better understand how to communicate value to the student and the value of the institution.
Finally, in Implementation we will be working with faculty in Computer Science, Manufacturing, and Health Care to start working on areas of agreement. In Computer Science the focus is on building a robust transfer degree. In Manufacturing the focus is on tying our programs to industry credentials. In Health Care the focus is on creating a common health care core curriculum.

     – Leighton O’Connell-Miller, Career & Academic Program Pathways


2 thoughts on “Career and Academic Program Pathways – Fall 2011 Workstreams

  1. Nursing student,

    I do not have any knowledge about there being a risk to accreditation at Daley for nursing. This is the first I have heard that concern expressed. Obviously accreditation is very important. Feel free to e-mail me at or call at 312-553-2791 and I will be glad to help you get in contact with someone who can answer your questions.


  2. I just have a quick question and don’t know if this is the place to post it but here goes anyway. It seems as though the nursing programs or at least some nursing programs are in a major state of disarray. Many students and instructors have rumored that Daley CC may lose its accreditation. I want to find out if this is true and whether the program is under review and what the status of that review is. I wish it was not so hard to get a decisive answer to this question. I do not want my future to be put on hold because I was not provided crucial information that should be easily accessible and therefore not have a backup plan in place.

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