Are Employers Interested in You?

We all know that showing up for class and earning good grades increase your chances for success in college and in finding a job after you graduate- but is there more to it?

According to an article posted by NACE , (National Association of Colleges and Employers ) there’s a lot more to consider than grades and attendance, and it’s based on one’s ability to interact with others and be a good team player. Simply stated, you need to possess soft skills like teamwork, ethics and verbal communication, to name a few.

Employers looking to hire new college graduates are looking at the ability to be a team player, decision-making/problem-solving skills and the ability to obtain and process information as “top” skills, when considering someone for a job.

Check out the article for more information on what skills YOU need to land the job .

     – Irene Castaneda, Student Support and Services Task Force


What are your thoughts?

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