Success from the Inside

Hello all, my name is Yami Guzman, and I am student at Harold Washington and will be completing the Associate in Arts program in May, 2011. I am also the Northeastern Regional VP for the IL Region of Phi Theta Kappa. This semester I had the opportunity to work on Reinvention – a City Colleges of Chicago collaboration led by task forces comprised of faculty, staff and students. Each semester, task force members look closely at areas that need improvement district-wide.

As a member of the Student Support and Services task force, the three major areas that we have been focusing on are: advising, orientation/career pathways and registration for both credit and adult education students. These are areas that we all know affect student success. Working on the task force I was always aware of what my team members were doing to improve opportunities for students. I had the opportunity to interact with other task force teams and learn what they were working on as well.

One of the projects I worked on during this semester was collecting all advisor training materials from the seven city colleges and combining them into a district-wide training handbook. I also assisted in gathering information about our current advising process from both students and academic advisors through focus group sessions. It’s important that students know that their opinion counts. So if you ever wondered if you are being heard through the surveys that CCC asks you to complete, well you are. Your comments are reviewed and compiled into data. This is one way that Reinvention members can make recommendations to administrators about what is, or is not working on each campus.

As part of Reinvention, I was not treated as a student but equally as a task force member. I knew that my opinions and ideas were valued. As my semester as a task force member begins winding down, I want to take this time to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication. The opportunity to work on Reinvention has been a rewarding and educational experience that I will never forget.

     – Yami Guzman, Student, Harold Washington College


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