Academic Analytics

Have you ever wished that you had the ability to measure and track student outcomes with a few simple clicks? For most, the answer to this question is emphatically “Yes!!”

Business Intelligence or BI — or, in our case, Academic Analytics — is a series of computer-based strategies that synthesize data from various sources (i.e. PeopleSoft) and generates useful information in standardized reports, diagrams and charts based on key performance indicators and other metrics. These reports and charts are then consolidated and displayed in a customized “dashboard,” or they might be displayed in a performance scorecard to examine the same information over time for specific goals. Most BI tool users opt to use both dashboards and performance scorecards. This is all very attractive for CCC because no one wants to waste precious time combing through pages of student transactions in PeopleSoft SA. The alternative, submitting and waiting for data requests, may not provide the information as quickly as you need it.

BI not only sounds like a good option for CCC, it is best practice. CCC will join the City of Chicago and a growing number of higher education institutions, like Houston Community College, Valencia College and Richland College (Dallas) — all of which place a premium on measuring client success and accountability. BI represents one of many deliberate Reinvention efforts aimed at weaving student-centeredness and data transparency into the fabric of CCC’s culture. CCC is currently in the 2nd phase of reviewing BI vendor RFPs, along with the RFP review team comprised of OIT, Research and Evaluation, Procurement, Finance and Human Resources personnel.

Stay tuned for BI updates in the coming months!

   – Julia Wesley, Process, Operations and Governance Task Force


4 thoughts on “Academic Analytics

  1. I’m sorry, I must be confused. What do you mean by “client success?” Who are the clients?

    If data transparency is one of your goals, why isn’t financial transparency?

    • Claire,

      Our main clients are our current CCC students, whether in credit programs, continuing education, adult education, etc. Additionally, our clients include current high school students that we support in their interest in attending any of the CCC colleges. Then there are the organizations that provide potential opportunities for our students either for additional education or employment. And we can’t forget the taxpayers of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois who help to fund our institutions.

      Our ability to enhance the success of all of these clients begins with our ability to effectively help our students.

      Regarding your question about financial transparency, I’m not sure what you mean but would be happy to provide additional information upon further clarification. A good deal of CCC financial information is available at

      Thanks for your interest in Reinvention and CCC.

      • Thank you for replying to my comment. I looked at the webpage you suggested but there are some gaps in the information offered. For example, on this page: only six months of expenses from 2011 are listed for “Employee Reimbursements” and non of the links for “Local Mileage” are functional. Regarding financial transparency, I would like to know how much it cost to change the school’s color and how much the new, united graduation ceremony will cost compared to the past individual college graduations.

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