Revised Tenure Governance Model

We, Michael Maltenfort and Jeni Meresman, have been working at Reinvention this past year on the tenure process, continuing work that was begun by fellow faculty members Franklin Reynolds and Alicia Anzaldo.  One of our goals was to address faculty concerns about perceived inconsistency and lack of transparency in evaluations.

To this end, we have worked with the Office of Academic Affairs to outline a governance structure that seeks to address these concerns.

We have recently agreed with Kojo on specific wording regarding these ideas.  Some highlights of the policy changes to take effect in Fall 2012 include:

  • Presidents make tenure and contract renewal recommendations to the Chancellor.
  • The Provost’s Office sets the quantitative and qualitative criteria throughout the District for pre-tenure evaluation, in alignment with any specific departmental criteria. All criteria must be given to tenure track faculty members when they are first hired.
  • The Provost’s Office determines whether a college is in compliance with the tenure process.
    • If a college is in compliance, Academic Affairs will not question individual decisions made by the President.
    • If Academic Affairs demonstrates that a college is not in compliance, Academic Affairs has the right to question individual decisions, at which point the Chancellor makes the final decision.

We will continue to work with Academic Affairs to incorporate these changes into the Academic Policy Manual as soon as possible.  The work on the tenure process is not finished, and faculty members are still invited to join our “Review Team,” which is the first place we show new processes and documents as they are created.  If you would like to join this team and/or give us other feedback, please e-mail us at,, or

     – Michael Maltenfort, Process, Operations and Governance Task Force

     – Jennifer Meresman, Process, Operations and Governance Task Force


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