What’s ahead? CCC’s Five Year Plan provides a look

5 Year PlanAfter many months of effort, City Colleges of Chicago has released our plan for the next five years.  The public unveiling came as part of the Chancellor’s speech at the City Club of Chicago on Monday.  The plan outlines some of the numerous accomplishments of our Reinvention initiatives across the district and sets targets for the continuing improvements planned for the next five years.

The plan also introduces the four strategic levers we look to employ to achieve our stated targets.

  • Increasing Relevance
    • Increase the relevance of the work a student does at City Colleges: We must ensure that the courses of study that students embark on will advance their goal of a meaningful career or transfer.

  • Reducing Time
    • Reduce the time it takes for a student to get through City Colleges: Numerous studies show that the longer it takes to complete a degree, the less likely the chances of degree completion. We have, therefore, created a number of strategies to ensure students have a clear path through the institution, reducing the time to degree.

  • Increasing Student Supports
    • Use data more effectively and deploy more resources to help students, and provide more information to students so they can better help themselves: We know that it will be crucial for us to better understand our students and for our students to better understand how to navigate our system. This will not only require improvements in our data management, but also in people who help students reach their end goals.

  • Strengthening Operations
    • Ensure operational strength: In order to keep City Colleges strong for the coming five years, and to ensure that students are in conducive learning environments and working with the best faculty and staff, we need to foster excellent financial, operational and human resources management.

Both the plan and a video of the Chancellor’s speech can be found on CCC’s website at http://www.ccc.edu/menu/Pages/Five-Year-Plan.aspx.

I encourage you to read through the plan and watch the video.

– Scott Martyn, Center for Operational Excellence


2 thoughts on “What’s ahead? CCC’s Five Year Plan provides a look

  1. This sounds great…in the future. What about RIGHT NOW? I am a 38 year old college student (Fall 2013). I have gone to Wilbur Wright College on and off since 1997. I’ve had to drop out to work (I’m the only one who pays my rent and food bills). I have been unemployed for 10 months (which is why I decided to back to school). To be honest, I think I’m going to have to drop out again because I need to work if I don’t want to live in a homeless shelter. All the temp agencies want to send me to jobs from 8AM-5PM. I attend school 2PM – 4:30PM making it impossible to work from 8AM-5PM. When I take the day job, it will be a $10 an hour job because I do not have MS Office Suite skills (though I know that I would master MS Office if there were such a thing as on the job training anymore). To be honest, I don’t see anything different at Wilbur Wright College than when I was there in 1997. What’s going to be the incentive for someone my age to stay in college? I don’t know what question to ask, really. I’m finding it difficult to stay in college when I’m 38 years old and have to pay my own rent.

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