It was a close race with strong advocates for each of our three original proposed names, but we are thrilled to let you know that the official name for our BI web-based reporting system will now be OpenBook!

The name features concepts of transparency, knowledge, and autonomy in the word choice “Open” combined with the idea of a reliable reference in the word “Book”. When used together, OpenBook conveys ideals of equality and data democracy in the search for insight, learning, and understanding.

What we heard from our survey participants:

  • “We’re turning a new page at CCC… for me, OpenBook means that you are truly committed to letting everyone have the data they need. I love it!”
  • “I like it [OpenBook]. It means to me that everyone will be able to use it and that it contains lots of information that can be used for study and insight.”
  • “OpenBook does an excellent job of tying together the reasons why we undertook a BI project.”

We are incredibly grateful for the engagement and feedback that everyone has provided leading up to the selection of OpenBook – especially our Marketing team who helped us find our three final candidates and, through our new logo design, helped bring our name and core principles to life! We hope you are as excited as all of us as we move towards our full launch of OpenBook to everyone here at CCC!

     – Nancy Chavez, Center for Operational Excellence

     – Brendan Aldrich, Office of Information Technology


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